Підручник Business Partner B2+ Student's Book and MyEnglishLab

Підручник Business Partner B2+ Student's Book and MyEnglishLab

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  • Видавництво: Pearson
  • ISBN: 9781292249001

Business Partner gives students the practical training they need to bridge the gap between the classroom and the world of work. It helps learners to make measurable progress in learning English while helping to make them more employable.

Business Partner does not assume any knowledge of the workplace, and is designed for students with no workexperience. It also provides many suggestions and alternative ways to use the material for those students
already in work.

Each level is written to a syllabus based on the Global Scale of English Learning Objectives for Professional English to help learners evaluate their progress.

Real life business content

Authentic video content introduces unit topics, exposing students toreal English and the sorts of issues they may encounter in their careers.

Financial Times articles provide reading practice to build on the topics discussed in the videos, further exposing students to authentic English.

Students work on case studies that allow them to practise their business and communication skills in realistic professional contexts.

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