Oxford Day 2019 in Kharkiv

  • Oxford Day 2019 in Kharkiv

Teacher wellbeing and shaping learners now and for the future.


23rd August 2019 12.00 - 15.30 EEST КП ОСК «Металіст» VIP зона зі сторони автосалонів вул. Плеханівська, 65 м. Харків


  • Activity Time
  • Registration (30 min)
  • Welcome and Introduction (20 min)
  • Session 1 “Shaping learners now and for the future” (70 min)
  • Session 2 “Teacher wellbeing” (50 min)
  • Q&A session. Summary, prize draw (20 min)


Session 1: Shaping learners now and for the future

The focus of primary English teaching is not only on English, but also on teaching “the whole child”. This not only helps in our classes, but it also makes our students lifelong learners and prepares them for being successful in their future. Modern coursebooks and the recent school reforms focus on both of these things. Making students better learners in the English classroom and giving them the skills they will need in the future.

This session will look at how Family and Friends and Bright Ideas, combined with the new school reforms help teachers to address these issues.

Participates will leave with new ideas and activities about focussing on Global Skills, making learning more student centred and improving the learning environment so our students get the best start possible.

Session 2: Teacher wellbeing

Demands on teachers and stress levels seem to be ever increasing. While teachers are offered a range of professional development, it normally focuses on content and pedagogy and teachers are often left to work out the social, emotional and cognitive demands on their own. How can teachers promote calm, relaxed, engaging learning environments when they are feeling stressed and overwhelmed? The short answer is they can’t. Or they sacrifice their own well-being in the pursuit of this outcome.

Teachers need to make sure they have enough internal resources to keep on top of their own well-being. They need the skills to take care of themselves first.

In this session these ideas will be explored and teachers will be given a range of simple techniques that can be applied to their everyday lives to reduce stress, increase relaxation and enjoyment and help teachers feel more present while in the classroom.

Ushapa Fortescue is a Graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University (England), has a CELTA, a Teacher Training certificate for the Post 16 sector and is a certified trainer for the Oxford Teacher’s Academy courses.

With over 14 years of varied teaching experience both in the UK and abroad. The combination of qualifications means that in the UK she has taught in primary and secondary schools, post 16 adult education, private language schools, Future Education colleges and Universities.

The type of students range from very young learners to teenagers and young adults. From general adult classes up to exam classes and Pre University classes up to Post Graduate classes.

She has worked in many European countries and India and has provided teacher training in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Croatia, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, Vietnam, Taiwan and China. This has included leading teacher training workshops, large scale presentations and speaking at conferences. She is also a certified and experienced deliverer of the Oxford Teacher’s Academy courses.

Ushapa loves engaging and encouraging teachers so they can pass on a love of language learning to their students.

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