Oxford Day 2020 in Kharkiv

  • Oxford Day 2020 in Kharkiv


  • 23rd March 2020
  • КП ОСК «Металіст» VIP зона зі сторони автосалонів вул. Плеханівська, 65 м. Харків 


  • Registration (30 min)
  • Welcome and introduction (30 min)
  • Session 1 “Synergy in Exam preparation” (60 min)
  • Break (15 min)
  • Session 2 “The multiple motivations of a student” (45 min)
  • Q&A session.
  • Summary, prize draw (30 min)

Session 1: Shaping learners now and for the future

“There’s just so much to do and so little time.“

How can we make our exam lessons more productive? Exploring a variety of practical classroom activities that exploit written and audio texts by creating learning outcomes relevant to all papers. This could use a variety of activities direct from the exam publication.

Session 2: The multiple motivations of a student

Identifying a range of motivations that a learner might have and exploring what we can do to engage with these in during a course (and also – what we can’t!).

Martyn Clarke has been an ELT professional for 30 years and in more than fifteen countries in UK, Europe, Central and South America and Africa.

As a consultant teacher trainer and advisor he has experience in numerous education development projects around the world including both pre-service and in-service programmes in Ethiopia, Laos, Djibouti and Mexico. He has designed and taught on UK post-graduate teacher development programmes has delivered OUP teacher development seminars and workshops across Europe and the Middle East.

His management experience includes three years as Director of Operations for a group of language schools in the UK and Ireland, responsible for all academic, administrative, and HR functions of the organisation. He is an Associate Teacher Trainer for the Norwich Institute of Language Education (NILE).

His main professional interests are the processes of professional development, mentoring, teacher supervision, and ELT management.

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